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What We Do

Founded on the expectation of growing energy independence here in North America by providing exceptional service and uncompromised integrity in every aspect of our business, the mission of Old Natchez Energy is simple: Great Expectations, Exceeded.

We excel in the following areas of service:

Title Services

Old Natchez Energy prides itself on providing the most accurate, thorough and clean title in the Oil & Gas Industry—from due diligence to curative and all points in between. Our knowledge of and networks in the Basin and the team accountability we offer give our clients complete confidence to move forward faster.

Right of Way Acquisition

When it comes to getting right of way done right, Old Natchez Energy knows that our clients require experienced, knowledgeable people on the ground equipped with the most current GIS modeling technology available to get the job done right and fast... to save them money.

Lease Negotiation and Acquisition

Old Natchez Energy believes the key to great lease negotiations, and ultimately, acquisitions, hinges on two things: thorough research and exceptional communication. Our title teams work hand in hand with our leasing agents to ensure accuracy out of the gate, which enables them to represent us and our clients with complete professionalism, bringing potential lessors up to speed on the process and benefits of natural gas to their families.

Project Management

From conception to completion—on schedule and on budget—Old Natchez Energy provides complete project management services to our clients. Strategic, big-picture thinking hand-in-hand with consistent attention to details empowers our Landmen to focus on the client’s expectations, day in, day out.

GIS Consulting/Services

Old Natchez Energy works with the most experienced GIS experts in the Basin to give our clients the best and highest visibility today’s mapping technology has to offer. Go beyond the limits of desktop devices with cloud-sourced data to access geographical information from a wide array of databases... whether in your office, between flights or in the field, you get a 360 degree, 3D understanding of the lay of the land.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Old Natchez Energy retains a high-caliber team of exceptional landmen and licensed attorneys prepared to handle any size acquisition from start to finish. We execute a comprehensive inventory and valuation of assets, dig deep into title to clean up any defects, manage every scrap of data that comes into play and ensure post-acquisition work is perfunctory and simple.

And more...

ONE RESOURCES offers a one stop shop for energy companies, providing expert consultation and implementation in all areas of the industry, from engineering, permitting and environmental needs to pipeline construction, general well site and water impoundment construction to drilling engineers, project managers, right of way clearance companies, title attorneys and land services. We handle specific, individual project components as well as complete, turnkey services for our clients, and guarantee superior service and product from day one.

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